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Wow! I feel like I'm really ignoring my journal. :(

Well, Summer has been rough because NO ONE will hire me! I'm still trying and I'll keep trying until I get a job. I just hope I get one that won't interfere with school ... that's really my biggest fear. Not much else going on besides that. I'm going to try and write some on Dragonfly over the weekend. I've actually been working more on other stuff (and watching WAAYYY too much TV). I think I've got some art to post so I'll go and check. Oh and if anyone's interested I do have some of my art for sale on Deviantart. (http://scythehaven.deviantart.com/)

More Art!

Art behind the cut!Collapse )

There'll be more later!



heheh ... I had to share. :D

Artwork! + Update

So quick update,
My dad had a bunch of heath issues near the end of the year, but he's doing much better so maybe I'll actually get to post more! I was so busy between him and school it was insane.

As for school, I'm in Raster Based Imaging and Vector Based Imaging and I have decided that I hate Adobe Illustrator. I'll probably change my mind by the end of the semester, but it's really outside my comfort zone. I've busy producing art and trying to write whenever I can. I really want to get back to Dragonfly, but I'm still stuck. T_T I'm probably stuck because a certain Korean band has taken over my mind recently. (thank you prussianblue1x2) CNBLUE is amazing and I can't wait to get to see them later this year in concert! ^_^v

I put the pictures behind the cut because they're fairly large.
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Oct. 9th, 2012

I have some art to post, but my thumb drive is not with me right now. :(

School is good, I've been very busy though ... so I've not really gotten to read anyone's posts or anything -- I'm trying to be more sociable but I'm failing at it ...
I dropped Technical Comm and will take it closer to the time I graduate. I don't have any previous experience to put into my career presentation, and I kept thinking about all the papers I was going to have to write and speeches I was going to have to make and I knew that I was going to be overwhelmed this semester with that class. So I'm taking it later. :)


School started this week, I've got a very full schedule. The one class that I think will get me is the Technical Communication, but I want to get that class over and done with so I can concentrate on getting better with my drawing and learning how to animate.

I'm kind of bored right now, but I think I might be able to find something to do ... say practice drawing? :) I've got a couple of characters I'd like to draw. But then again I want to write too ... if my head would stop pounding I might be able to stare at a computer screen for more than two minutes at a time. :/

Anyway, I'll post some of the work we're doing in my Visual Thinking class. That class will definitely be fun, we get to make a cartoon at the end of the semester! I wasn't expecting that at all! ^_^


Icony! :)

Because I felt I needed a little Renji on my LJ... The picture is an old sketch I did a while back. I've been thinking about attempting to get back into Bleach, but I think I'll read the manga instead of watching the show because of the fillers. Even if they were written by the manga-ka (some of them were I remember, not sure about the later ones), I still didn't enjoy the Bound, Bounto, whatever you want to call them. (It would be Bound, but so many people got hung up on that 'o' at the end ... eh call them what you like. ^_^)


Hopefully some more art either tonight or tomorrow. We've had a minor rodant (just one) problem the past few days. I don't really want to stick my feet under either of my desks. :(

Heero and Duo!

It's not much, but I will say this: I cannot draw them like the original character designer. Plus I don't really like those huge eyes they gave poor Duo. :( It works within the anime, but when I draw them it just feels weird to me. Sorry Duo, I still love you!

I taught myself how to draw by sketching Disney characters, so you would think I wouldn't feel weird doing that, but the guys all had smaller eyes ... maybe that's why.

Anyway, I probably will rework the background shading. Once I looked at it on the computer I realized I could go darker in some spots.

Heero and Duo

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